I've been using this as a semi-professional title and nom de guerre since my college days in the mid-80's. It does not mean "computer criminal."

That said, you'll never find any of my professional work signed in that or any other way. That would be dumb.

In my professional work I am a computer security researcher. This site is not about that....


Photography In which we discover that math can indeed make art.

The more I learn about art in general, and photography in particular, the closer it seems to engineering and math.


Programming I have a number of hobbies and I usually find a way to connect programming to them. This is especially true with photography and 3D rendering.


Firearms This is one of those past times that seems to correlate highly with engineering. It also requires practice, study, and attention to detail.

There may also be some politics here, so if that makes you feel bad, please stay away.

Source Code...

I maintain all my source code over at GitHub. I'm also on Twitter as @esemwy. Otherwise, you can click on the contact form which I'll ignore.